Sharpening & Modification Prices

Liong Mah SDC regrind by Razor Edge Knives
Liong Mah SDC, double hollow grind and contoured scales

Concerned about letting a “Professional Sharpening Service” handle your knives? Check out our track record here!

It should be stressed… We grind at slow speed and under coolant, very different from most sharpening services!!!

Razor Edge Knives LLC provides the United States with a professional blade sharpening service that will make your blades better than new! We sharpen knives such as Wusthof, Henckel, Calphalon, etc. in addition to offering a sharpening service for many “mid tech” folders such as Chris Reeve Knives, Hinderer, Strider, and also high end custom folders. For the customs, we offer a custom knife sharpening service and frequently sharpen knives in the range of $1000-1500/knife. Our knife regrind service is a large part of what we do – optimizing your blade to fit YOUR uses so you get the max potential out of it! If you have any questions, just ask using our chat widget!

Quotes provided in writing only and are good for 30 days. 

Prices for Services

  • Knife Regrind Service– Regrinds start with a basic 60 grit finish and includes sharpening on the Wicked Edge. Various blade shapes and options add additional costs. Base rates are: $60 for blades 2″ or less, $80 for blades 2″-5″, $90 for blades 5″-8″, and $110 for blades 8″-12″. Note: on chisel blade grinds I offer a 20% discount and certain steels such as S90V, S110V, and 3V will incur an extra fee of $30 when taken to 220 or above in finish. Measurements for pricing are either the blade length or edge length – whichever is longest.

    Upgrades over base price:

    • 220 grit satin finish: $15/inch up to 5″, $13/inch 5″-8″, $10/inch 8″ or more
    • 600 grit premium satin finish: $20/inch up to 5″, $18/inch 5″-8″, $15/inch 8″ or more
    • Zero grinds (taken up to 400 grit finish): Add $15/inch
    • Hollow grinds: Add $10/inch, $50 max
    • Convex grinds: No upcharge – included in above fees. Note that a convex grind needs to be full height (from edge to spine) or else if a sabre grind scratches will result on the flats.
    • Tanto/spanto regrinds: Add $10
    • Compound grinds (hollow/flat combinations): Add $30 to other options (I.e. if a hollow/flat spanto to 60 grit price would be: $80 for the basic grind depending on length, +$15/inch for the hollow grind portion of the blade, and +$30 for the compound grind. There are no additional tanto/spanto fees in this case as indicated in the bullet point above).
    • Grind conversions (hollow to flat, flat to convex, conventional to tanto, etc): Starting at $10+ depending on how complicated
    • Logo Delete or Blade Sterilization from flats on folders ( includes satin hand-rubbed flats and matched outer rim – spine through choil – ) – $60

  • Hand Sharpening (i.e. Done on the Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener) – note: we don’t sharpen karambit blades on the Wicked Edge. Measurements for pricing are either the blade length or edge length – whichever is longest. 
    • Kitchen Knives – $5/inch with a $20/ea max cap, edge will first be reprofiled on the belt sander and then finished on the Wicked Edge by hand. The $20 cap does not include repair work… if needed it is extra.
    • If 4″ or under – $5/inch. Price includes either matching the existing angle or a free re-profile by belt sander then finished w/ a micro bevel on the WEPS. We can also reprofile by hand for an extra fee of $6/inch on top of the $5/inch (specify if you want this done in the mail in form). $15 minimum.
    • If over 4″ – $5/inch with a $25 max cap, however, the only way we do these on the Wicked Edge is if the edge is first taken to the belt sander (water cooled, slow speed). Because the edge angle will be reprofiled to a lower angle this will help w/ cutting ability and is considered an upgrade – which we do for free.  We then add the micro-bevel on the Wicked Edge.
    • Reprofile work by hand only (no belt sander) – add $6/inch to the above $5/inch, so $11/inch total. Limited to blades 4″ and under.
    • Mirrored edges are done at my discretion and are $20/inch with a $40 minimum. These will be able to whittle a hair on most knives. Tanto mirrored edges will be $10 extra. Price includes matching existing angle, limited to blades 4″ and under.

      Grimsmo Norseman w/ a mirror polish at hair whittling sharpness
      Grimsmo Norseman w/ a mirror polish at hair whittling sharpness
    • Tanto edges w/ regular sharpening are $4 extra (no powered equipment).
    • Custom Knives – Starts at $15/inch and goes up depending on options (this rate is with a 600 grit finished edge). Click here for more info. Also, no power equipment will touch your Custom unless agreed upon. Custom sharpening (w/ no powered equipment) is limited to blades 4″ and under. Tanto’s are +$10.

  • Machine sharpening (Done on a belt sander) These are done on a slow speed, water cooled belt sander and many of my customers fit in this category. Measurements for pricing are either the blade length or edge length – whichever is longest. 
    • Plain edge knives – $2/inch.  Reprofile work is $1.50/inch. ( $6/blade minimum)
    • Serrated knives –  $2/inch.  Any repair work is extra. ($10/blade minimum)
    • Kitchen Knives: $2/inch with a $12 max (not including repair or reprofile work). Reprofile work is an additional $0.50/inch. Price is for plain edge only. Serrated kitchen knives fall in the category above.

  • Double-edged knives/daggers – cost double whatever type blade/options you have (i.e. straight edge, serrated, etc). Please note these will be sharpened on machine only.
  • Straight Razors – $30/blade (note: please do not send in poor quality razors as they will not be honed), these are honed to the sub-micron level for a superior shave! Any damage (rust, nicks, etc) that needs to be repaired will be $10 extra – this is verified and checked under microscopic examination of your edge and continued throughout the honing progression for the finest edge and shaving experience!
  • Machetes – Excludes high dollar fixed blades in which case normal machine sharpening prices above apply. Normally blades over 10″ long. $1.50/inch sharpened unless complete reprofiling is needed, then it could be $2/inch.
  • Swords – $1.50/inch sharpened unless complete reprofiling is needed, then it could be $2/inch (limited to blades 30″ or less and value of <$200).
  • Hatchet – $10/blade unless repairing the edge is necessary, if so call for a quote.
  • Axe – $15, Double-edged Axe – $30
  • Scissors (for general household/industrial use) – $8 ea (depending on condition of the scissors bulk discounts apply in quantities of >20 scissors at a time. 
  • Surgical Shears & Surgical Scissors (typically for veterinary purposes) – $8/ each 
  • Lawn Mower Blades – We do not sharpen lawn mower blades.
  • Garden tools – Varies, call for a price
  • Chisels – $5/chisel and this will have 220 grit working edge. Any edge damage or chisel restoration will be extra.

Knife Modification general price list

(individual prices may vary)

  • Add finger choil – $20
  • Add jimping – $15/inch w/ a $30 minimum
  • Add file work – $30/inch w/ a $30 minimum
  • Add serrations – $20/inch w/ a $40 minimum
  • Grinding in a swedge or fully sharpening one – $20+
  • Acid etching & stonewashing – $35/blade, or $50 for a set of scales
  • Stonewashing – we offer matte (working finish) and satin (premium finish) minimum of $30 for a blade and $40 for a set of scales.
  • Stripping off paint (knives such as Busse, Becker, Esee, etc.) – With or without scales attached: $6/inch of overall length. Includes bead or sandblasting to finish the look, your choice. 
  • Satin Finishing on fixed blades – roughly the same price as a regrind (found above), but includes removing all machining marks/dimples and refinishing entire blade (grind, flats, spine, tang, etc), any paint stripping fees, and all edge work (Note that the scales will need to be removed for a full satin if a fixed blade which does incur an extra fee of $45). So if a 6″ blade length fixed blade is refinished to 220 grit price would be about $168 plus scale removal and reinstall fee ($45). 
  • Sandblasting – $15 per for a blade or per scale (2 scales = $30), fixed blade is $2/inch of overall length. 
  • Beadblasting – $20 per for a folder blade or per scale (2 scales = $40), fixed blade is $3/inch of overall length. 
  • Drill/tap for different carry options – $10+/hole (steel inserts are an upgrade option if needed), not available on all knives so check w/ us first. 
  • Orange Peel Ti scales – $30/scale
  • Bronze heat ano (this is the only ano we offer) – $20/scale.
  • Other services available, just ask! Handle sculpting/texturing, adding a thumb ramp, restoration, modifications, etc.

    Emerson CQC6 micarta scale bead blasting
    Bead blasting makes a huge difference on worn micarta scales and can make a blade look new again!
  • We do not offer anodizing services (other than bronze heat ano), sorry!


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