PVD Coating Service

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Knife PVD, DLC coating service
PVD Blade: 120″ of wood, 500 ft. of cardboard, 43 ft. of carpet Cerakote Blade: 40″ of wood, 20 ft. of cardboard, 13 ft. of carpet

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I am very excited to finally be providing this new coating service in 2017! While Cerakote is a good option for many knives, but in my own testing it is not nearly as durable (wear & scratch resistant) as the new PVD coating we now offer. I have tested and compared many many different DLC coatings to this specific PVD and not only is it superior to most of them but it was MUCH more consistent in finish. 

A little about the coating: ‘PVD’ stands for Physical Vapor Deposition and is a coating process that basically uses a vacuum chamber in which certain metals (aluminum, titanium, chromium, etc) are vaporized (using heat or sputtering with ion bombardment) which combine with a reactive gas and are then deposited physically onto the surface of the item being coated. This results in a very thin, very hard, self-lubricating coating. 

Knife, PVD service, DLC coating service, knives
SURVIVE! Knives GSO-4.1 coated w/ our PVD coating in a matte black finish.

This PVD is only 2-5um (microns) thick (which is roughly 1/5th as thick as Cerakote) and much, much harder at approximately 2,300 hv (or estimated at 80+ hrc for those of us into knife hardness values). While not designed for corrosion protection, our PVD does provide a decent amount of corrosion protection for your blade. 

Quick notes:
* The only 2 ‘downsides’ to PVD are that the processing temps are around 350-400°F (so make sure it won’t affect your blade’s ht) and it’s only available in one color – black. Also, the max size on this service is around 28″ long
* PVD takes on the finish of the metal, it will not cover or hide any scratches, wear, or inconsistencies in the metal. If you want your parts to look new again then they will need to be refinished prior (either satin finished,  or sand/bead blasted) which we can take care of as needed (pricing for these services is found here at the bottom of the page).
* Satin finish wears the best as the matte finishing will show scuffing/burnishing more easily (just as a bare sandblasted blade would)
* We do have a $20 minimum that will apply to small orders.


Fixed Blades – blades can only be coated if handle can be completely removed.
* blade must be bare metal to be coated, we provide sandblasting, bead blasting, or satin finishing – please contact for pricing (or click here and scroll to the bottom of the page).

  • Up to 4.9″ overall length – $40
  • 5″-9.9″ overall length – $65
  • 10″-13.9″ overall length – $90
  • 14″-17.9″ overall length – $110

    strider sng, smf, PVD, DLC coating, blacked out, murderered out, razor edge knives
    Strider SNG Tanto reground, beadblasted, and PVD’d in a satin black
  • 18″-21.9″ overall length – $140
  • 22″-28″ overall length – $180
  • Scale screws – $15
  • Disassembly/reassembly of handle – starts $5 or you can do this yourself. If screw(s) are stuck or need to be replaced then there will be an additional fee. 
  • Stripping off the existing paint will cost extra as only bare steel can be coated (knives such as Busse, Becker, Esee, etc.): $6/inch of overall length and includes bead or sandblasting depending on the look you want. 

Folders (single color) – see “package deal” below for price on an entire folder! Note that only metal components can be coated and these prices only include folders with blades up to 5″ in length.
* blade must be bare metal to be coated, we provide sandblasting, bead blasting, or satin finishing – please contact for pricing (or click here and scroll to the bottom of the page).

  • Blade only (up to 5″) – $40
  • Scales or liners only – $60
  • Single scale/liner only – $35
  • All hardware (pocket clip, screws, spacers, etc) – $40 min per set
  • Package deal (entire folder: blade/scales/hardware. Note: if liners AND scales then add $20) – $120
  • Disassembly/reassembly/lube – $20-30 for most knives, or you can do this yourself and send me the parts. The thumb stud will need to be removed as well.