Mail-In Knife Service

Current Turn Around Time: Our turn around times are approximately: 1-2 weeks for basic sharpening work , 1 month for mirrored edges, 2 months for refinishing (blasting, tumbling, stonewashing, etc) and modification work, 2.5 months for regrind work, books are closed for Cerakote work until Jan 2018, and 2 months for PVD coating Please note these aren’t exact and are only estimates.

How does the mail-in knife service work?

  1. PACK – Pack up your knives securely in a cardboard box (smallest possible to save on shipping). The knives should be wrapped securely in newspaper with a rubber band or tape around them (or a sheath). Make sure you have several layers of newspaper around them, and that the tip is protected and won’t poke through the box! Also, don’t forget to put extra newspaper or other cushioning material in the additional space inside the box to prevent your knives from bouncing around. Make sure to include your name either in or on the box.
  2. COMPLETE OUR ONLINE FORM –  Please note if you skip this step you will be missing important shipping information and not providing us with what we need to track your order which may delay your package in it’s return. Upon us receiving the form info we will initiate correspondence via email discussing the details of what you want done (excluding basic sharpening work). You will then be provided with an estimate from Freshbooks for approval before the work begins. 
  3. SHIP –  (Address below) We accept packages from all major shipping carriers (USPS, Fedex, and UPS) but only use UPS or USPS for return shipments. Please note that USPS will be the fastest return shipping option. UPS shipment times will vary and may be delayed a couple days as they do not pick up daily like USPS. We also recommending choosing your shipping carrier wisely and also getting insurance and signature confirmation as we will not be held liable for items that are damaged, lost/stolen in the mail, or miss-delivered either in the sending or return. Sentimental or non-replaceable knives should not be mailed in period as there is always the possibility that something could happen to your package during shipment. Upon us receiving your blades, you will be notified of receipt. The work is then completed close to the estimated turn around and you will be sent a return tracking number. You don’t have to include a return label in the package as we will just add this to your invoice total when you pay, and it should be noted that we charge a $1-2 handling fee added to the return shipping price. 
  4. PAY –  We will then email you an invoice via Freshbooks which allows you to pay with your credit/debit card online. You can also pay over the phone. Note: other payment methods are available but may take longer (i.e. money order, check, etc) – contact us with questions.
    * Note: We exclusively use Freshbooks as an online invoicing company which is reputable and secure.
  5. ENJOY – Your knives will be returned to you and you can enjoy your restored, modified, or sharpened blade! 


Where do I ship my knives? 
(We have abbreviated name for security of your package during shipment)

591 Kay Dr. 
Easley, SC 29640


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13 Replies to “Mail-In Knife Service”

  1. Just got the knives and scissors back and I am extremely happy with the outcome. The knives are beautifully done and well worth the money spent. In addition Josh did not have the setup to do left hand scissors nor a convex edge so instead of just half assing it like many people will do he just stated he could not do them and recommended someone who could. That is treating your customers as they should be. Thank you Josh for your work and friendly communications. I will definitely use your services again and will point my friends in your direction.


  2. I just got the knives and straight razor back and I am extremely impressed. Al three blades are works of art, and this morning I had the best shave I’ve had in a long time. Completely satisfied, and I will tell all my friends about you. Communications throughout was superb. Highly recommended!

  3. Nothing but the best! Josh has incredible talent that clearly shows in his work. Excellent communication and a real care for his customers. Can’t wait to get this next one back. Without question the best knife sharpening service available.

  4. I have a Emerson Commander that I got for graduating Basic Training. I used this knife everyday, and beat the hell out of it in Afghanistan. I could never get that factor edge back, but Razoredgeknives brought it back to life, and kept all my battle scars that it earned in the field. Theses guys are awesome, and are going to get more business from me and anyone who asked about bringing there tools of the trade back to life.

  5. Just a quick note to add my full recommendation for Josh’s services ! He resharpened my EDC back to a better than out of the box edge. His turn around was a week door to door. Transaction was smooth and an overall excellent experience. Do not hesitate to send him your business. I know I’ll be sending him a few other items in the near future. Thanks again Josh !

      • Hey Josh,

        I’ve collected a few blades from family members that could use some of you TLC … a 4 CRKT folders (some with serrations). Are you ready for a few more to work your magic on ?

  6. Hey bud, thinking about getting some work done on one of my knives…leaning towards the A-100…I’ve seen a few that I really liked but can’t seem to find the pics at the moment…if you have done a few A-100’s or even something with a similar blade shape could you please send some pics of the outcome…heard a lot of good things about your work bud!

    • Hey John! Thanks for the compliment! Pictures can be viewed here, and if you are wanting to see regrinds just go to the Regrind section and search for “emerson” or “A100” in the upper righthand corner. Thanks dude!

  7. Josh does fantastic work.

    I’ve had 3 knives, totaling about 2500 in value, serviced by Josh so far and I am a fully satisfied customer.
    First was a knife that came super dull from the maker, he took care of that.
    The other two had broken tips and Josh took care of those beautifully as well.

    Great communication with timely and skillful service.
    I’ll definitely be sending more knives to Josh for servicing.

  8. As a repeat (and loyal) customer, I am always amazed at REK’s outstanding work. Josh will treat a common and inexpensive Swiss Army Knife with the same care and attention to detail as he would a high-dollar custom. While almost anyone can learn to put a “working edge” on a knife, Josh takes “sharp” to the next level and beyond. Keep up the great work, REK!

  9. There Simply isn’t another company/person offering the range of service that R.E.K provides while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, communication, and quality.
    I have been dealing with R.E.K for many years, on many projects. In short, Josh is one of the most professional, humble, and talented people I have met in my life.

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