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Thank-you for checking out my site! Hi, my name is Josh and I am full time owner/operator of this business w/ no employees (of course, I could never do this without my wife!!). When you contact us you are contacting the one that will be working on your knives. I am a knifemaker/bladesmith and do most everything entailed in these crafts, including making custom knives. I started off as a sharpener but my skill set has grown to include the below highly specialized areas.

I specialize in the following areas:

  • Professional knife sharpening – basic and premium options available
  • Professional knife regrinds – the brings out the max potential from your blade and gives you incredible cutting performance! If you would like to know more, check out my article, “What is a regrind and how does it help my knife?”
  • Knife refinishing – whether you are looking for a satin, tumbled, or coated finish I have several options.
  • Knife modification – I take your ideas and make them reality. A few of these options include adding choils, jimping, serrations, changing a blade shape, making custom knife scales (handles), etc.


 What makes us different?


  • Quality of work and customer service/satisfaction – With any business, these are KEY, and because it’s so important it’s an extreme focus of mine. I have a high satisfaction rate as can be seen on my testimonials page.
  • Knowledge and experience – I am constantly expanding and use various approaches to sharpening and renewing your tools, and have been living/breathing knives since around 2010. This research and experience has led me to the below deciding factors in how I work on knives. 
  • Performance and longevity –  I am extremely conscientious of the life of your blade, keeping the metal removal to a minimum and giving you an extremely sharp and durable edge. These edges are capable of many months of use, with proper maintenance, before needing a re-sharpening.

How do we sharpen?

How do we grind? It’s simple: on powered, and non-powered equipment. But the key is that when I grind on powered equipment, it is done slow speed, using coolant (and often a jig), and sharp belts. Sharpening/grinding in this manner keeps your blade cool while grinding which prevents temper damage and allows for great precision! Not many other sharpeners/knife makers do this. For  non-powered sharpening I utilize the Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener. This system offers the ultimate in edge performance and is how I sharpen mirrored edges. 

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